To collect is a form of spiritual and mental well-being, we listen to our heart and get inspired to think and ponder on events occurred in the past as well as on motivations which led to specific events.

The collection is formed by approximately 500 hundred items, including Christian, Catholic and Orthodox rosaries; Muslim and Buddhist prayer ropes; icons and small statues representing the Black Madonnas which can be found all over the world.

It was created thanks to the passion, curiosity and dedication of Marina Secci and Mario Nieddu who collected and recorded for more than forty years hundreds of rosaries, of any sort. From the most valuable rosaries (real jewels) to the “poorest”, simply made of glass beads but representing the devotion to a specific Saint; from the most peculiar ones, such as those made of paper, ceramics, felt, Sardinian palm or even applying the same procedure and materials used to make switchblades.

In addition to this extraordinary collection of rosaries there is a collection, just as much impressive, of prayer items belonging to different religious traditions. Muslim prayer beads are formed by a number of beads equal to 99, plus an enlongated bead representing number 100, they end with a coloured tassel and are subdivided into 3 sections of 33 beads each; Buddhist prayer beads (Mala or Japamala) consisting of a continual string of 108 beads; icons and Black Madonna’s statues accurately reproducing the original statues located in different sites around the world.

A collection of objects able to astonish believers and to create deep emotions into the non-believers’ souls. Able to tell a universe of stories, across religions and continents.
A collection to be visited and loved.