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An uncommon collection of rosaries, votive bracelets and other prayer items from all over the world.
Each one has unique features, each one comes with a story to be told and a tradition to be unveiled.

Each rosary is the witness of a small cosmos ready to be explored.

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The world most common and ancient prayer item.

The rosary is an object used since a long time ago, an instrument for prayer for Catholics, probably of Indian or Muslim or maybe even Assyrian origin.

The ritual and the habit of counting prayers with a knotted prayer rope was common already during the first A.C. centuries, dating back to the Desert Fathers who used to live as hermits in a period prior to Crusades.
It has been narrated that an ancient oriental hermit used 300 stones and threw them one by one after having said a prayer, thus adopting a kind of untied rosary.

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The rosary in the Catholic religion

The word rosary comes from the medieval custom of placing a rose garland on the Virgin statue as a symbol of prayers addressed to Mary.
This is where it came from the idea of using a string of beads (rose garland) to say a devotional and contemplative prayer based on litany and reiteration, that characterized the Latin rite of the Catholic Church at that time.

During the 11th Century, members of the Dominican Order were responsible for spreading the rosary devotion and promoted the need to allow also laymen and devotees not able to read nor write in Latin to take part to the psalter (the 150 psalms recited).

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